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books in a speech bubbleThis website aims to promote my services as a translator. I translate from English into French, my native language. Would you like to attract new audiences with publications or tourist brochures translated into French? A good translation helps to interest visitors and readers. Here you will find information on the services I provide for private individuals, companies, organisations and publishing houses.

Specialised translator

Translation requires a good level of subject knowledge and may demand extensive research. I translate general and technical texts in my areas of expertise (cultural heritage and related fields; humanities and social sciences). By using my services, you will have a single contact person. Please let me know if you need any further information.

« tabula, ae, f., 1. planche, ais || 2. table de jeu || 3. tablette à écrire || pl., tablettes = écrit de toute sorte… »

Félix Gaffiot, Dictionnaire latin-français abrégé, Hachette, 1989.